Friday, July 23, 2010

100 Word Zombie Tips #19 "Pinch Weapons #1 'The Sweat Sock Morning Star.'"

There will be no countdown when the zombies attack. The world will be safe, then it will not be. Unprepared? Unarmed? Did you wear clean socks?

In a pinch, you can use your socks and a heavy object to build a makeshift morning star.
  1. Put one sock inside the other, doubling the fabrics thickness.
  2. Insert a heavy, solid object (or multiple solid objects) into the socks.
  3. Tie it off below the attacking mass.
Swing this weapon in a downward arc (Not sideways! Centripetal force will bring it towards you if you miss.) The weight and speed should fracture a skull.

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  1. Good point about using only a downward arc - that could save someone's life. Keep up the great work. X


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