Monday, July 19, 2010

100 Word Zombie Tips #15 "When the Police Arrive"

Regardless of the state of society, when a police officer arrives on the scene, you MUST defer to them. The reason? If they feel threatened, they might shoot you.

Listen to any instructions you’re given and follow them without hesitation. There will be time to explain once the officer feels safe.

Keep your hands in view. Don’t reach into pockets, even for identification, until asked. You may be asked to turn away from the officer.

Tell the officer about any concealed weapons you are carrying. For visible or carried weapons, the officer will instruct you how to deal with these.

Source: Police Officer (Verified by second officer.)


  1. lets just hope he/she is not above fighting side by side with us common folk

  2. The problem is, you are fighting to preserve society. In society, the police are in charge. If you don't defer to them and their instructions... what are you fighting FOR?


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