Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Undead Air #10 : You Get One Wish on a Dead Man's Pole

Special Thanks to:
Lincoln Zombie Fest and Dr San Guinary's Spook a Rama
for allowing us to record on location at their events.
* Intro

* Disclaimer

* Interview: Dan Iske from The Dead Hour

* Promo: Zombie Grrlz

* Interview: Dick Starr

* Promo: Necronomicast

* Interview: JD McGhoul aka Pat Kilbane

* Promo: Mail Order Zombie

* Interview: Dean Jones

* Voicemail

* Promo: Zombie Research Society

*Mikey's Movie Review: Zombie Dearest

* Promo: Undead in the Head

* Interview: Mike Christopher

* Interview: Kyra Schon
check out Kyra's awesome artwork at

* Contact Information

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Our cover art was graciously donated by Ben Hummel.