Monday, August 29, 2011

Undead Air #9: Contagion Outbreak

Portions of this show were recorded live at Contagion:Outbreak in Omaha, NE

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* Song : "Fight 'Em Till You Can't" by Anthrax

* Promo: Mail Order Zombie

* Interview: Joe Schreiber

* Promo: Zombie Grrlz

* Undead Arcade Game Review: Raging Dead

*Promo: We're Alive

* Interview: Matt Mogk

* Promo: Zombie Research Society

* Promo: Contagion:Outbreak

*Mikey's Movie Review: Zombie Honeymoon

* Promo: Undead in the Head

* Interview: Billy Tackett

* Promo: The Takeover

* Interview: The Zombies of The Walking Dead
Joe Giles, Sonya Thompson, and Melissa Cowan

Special Thanks to The Necronomicast for providing this audio clip

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Our cover art was graciously donated by Ben Hummel.