Saturday, July 3, 2010

100 Word Zombie Tips #11 "If You INSIST on Using a Katana."

First, don’t. It’s a dangerous weapon in untrained hands and it’s likely to be a display model. However, if it’s all you have:

1) If you stab and get stuck, give it a quarter twist while pulling out to release the vacuum.

2) Aim for the neck. It has fewer bones to get your blade caught in.

3) Control distance. The katana is a medium range weapon. It is useless in close quarters.

4) Prepare for breakage. Your katana will break. Don’t be surprised. Wear protection if possible to minimize damage.

Just remember, this weapon is not intended for zombies.


  1. Not totally useless in close quarters, in the right hands it's a very effective weapon. Still.... 20 plus years with a sword in my hands and it's not in my top 5 weapons to use. Lucky if it's in my top 10

  2. Based on what I as a non swordsman gleaned, I personally don't consider it effective close range (effective meaning it would be in a top ten weapon types for that range.) But again, that one is personal. My theory is anyone who COULD use it close range would know enough about the weapon to wield a more appropriate one. A sniper can be very effective with a rifle from five feet away, but odds are he's going to grab a pistol. :)

  3. Knowing my luck I would cut off a finger. Give me a baseball bat instead.

  4. Vacuum is not what causes blades to stick in humans. Part of the bodys autonomous reaction to puncture wounds is for the muscles in the region to tense, friction is the other big part with getting hung up between ribs, in cartilage etc. Turning a katana a quarter turn while it's rammed through someone is going to either twist the blade or in the event it's a real pattern welded blade cause it to shatter. Pattern welded katanas are incredibly strong and rigid in the cutting plane, 90 degrees from that plane not so much.

    Go for a spear with a crossbar instead. (light version of the boar spear) If you miss the head the crossbar will keep the bastard from walking up the shaft and give you time to go to plan b.


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