Friday, July 2, 2010

100 Word Zombie Tips #10 "Motorcycles"

by Brad Zipprich

Sometimes preparation can mean the difference between life and death. You have your bag of goodies, your weapons and you managed to stay alive. But now the mass exodus of people trying to escape the city has left the highway a parking lot. Thousands died as the recently reanimated swarmed the traffic jam that panic created.

Your chances of getting a car or truck through are slim.

Luckily you took a motorcycle riding course. Perfectly suited for getting through the abandoned vehicles a motorcycle is your best bet. In addition, they're great on gas mileage and also very easily hidden.


  1. If a person is at all able to "shop around" during or after an apocolypse it may save their life in the long run. While you might be tempted to jump on the biggest Harley you see, keep in mind that 90% of these bikes are loud,VERY LOUD.Sometimes you can here them coming from almost a mile away.And if they hear them you might find yourself riding through a hoard of brain eaters,which would not be a good thing! The newer Honda Goldwings are almost so quiet you cant hear them running.I have also seen some big BMW's that are almost whisper quiet.So if it is at all possible to be choosey when they are after us,it may be to your benefit!


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