Thursday, June 17, 2010

100 Word Zombie Tips #7 "No Service?"

During a zombie outbreak mobile phones may not work; first from over-extended networks, then power grid failure. Don’t abandon them!

Power down; conserve batteries. If you still have electricity, (and are safe) recharge. Mobile phones are useful.

  1. Mobile phone screens are bright. It’s a decent flashlight in a pinch.
  2. There is likely useful information or applications on your mobile. Phones are essentially small computers now.
  3. An alarm function can be fantastic for distraction/bait. Place (or toss) it. Move away quietly. Alarm goes off, zombies investigate. Distracted, you can avoid (or ambush) them.

Remember, common objects may be uncommonly useful.

Source: "Surviving Disaster" on Spyke (#3) Testing: #1, #2

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