Saturday, June 12, 2010

100 Word Zombie Tips #2 "Shopping Cart Crowd Control"

Trapped in a store or parking lot? Need to move through a group of zombies or looters fast?

Shop till they drop. A shopping cart can be used as a mobile battering ram; if you’re not alone, all the better.

First, check the wheels. A bum wheel is annoying when you’re shopping; here, it’ll get you killed.

Alone, move fast, and push hard. Keep to the center to minimize bite attempts.

In a group, form an arrow of carts and move quickly, but carefully. Don’t break ranks. If you have an odd number, the extra man can cover the rear.

Source: Cade Courtly, "Surviving Disaster," Episode: "Outbreak"


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  2. I feel like this is completely unnecessary...until I'm in this situation! This is great, thanks for the post. I think you could also use mobile barricades in similar situations. They can provide cover very well. They key is keeping that control.


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