Monday, September 17, 2012

Undead Air #12: Blame the Bats

* Intro


* Song: Dance Hall Pimps: "Mommy Was A Zombie"

* Promo: Undead in the Head

* Interview: Tara Smith, Ph.D.
Advisory Board Member of the Zombie Research Society

Zombie Research Society representatives (l to r) Matt Mogk, founder and head researcher; 
Tara Smith Ph.D., Advisory Board Member, 
and Mikey Taylor, Global Chapter Leader 
at OSfest 2012 in Omaha, NE
* Promo: Zombie Research Society

* Movie Review: "Jean Claude, the Gumming Zombie"
   Watch the full movie here

* Promo:Mail Order Zombie

* ZomBmart Featured Product: "Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Zombies" by Matt Mogk

* Promo: Zombie Grrlz Podcast

* Outro

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Our cover art was graciously donated by Ben Hummel.

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